Creating sustainable communities all over the world starting with infrastructure

A Utility Company for generations to come

Blue Planet Utility's Core Values

Blue Planet has designed its quadruple bottom line business model by adding the requirement that each of our projects and/or service contracts achieve a minimum of 12 of the 17 of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These Values below are what drives our day to day business.

Our Vision

Our Vision for the future of the company is to lead industry through example through  incorporating a policy of implementing Environmental Management Systems in every...

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Circular Economies = Sustainable Future

We are now living the results of building our societies via Linear Economies.Clean water shortage, increase in water pollution globally, environmental/health risks due to energy...

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Waste To Energy - Untapped fuel source

Blue Planet has several waste to energy technologies at its disposal to take residential & commercial waste from landfills and turn that waste into usable...

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Water/Waste Water - Recycling & Reclamation

Potable water is essential for the growth and stability of every community. Through water recycling and reclamation systems that Blue Planet puts into every community...

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Reducing Carbon Footprints

Sustainable development goes hand in hand with sustainable infrastructure.  Blue Planet believes growing communities to the capacity they can sustain them selves on the land...

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Social Responsibility taken seriously has a ripple affect

  As Blue Planet grows and establishes roots in multiple countries it is our goal to foster our apprenticeship program.¬† Training local Water Operators, Waste...

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