Social Responsibility taken seriously has a ripple affect


As Blue Planet grows and establishes roots in multiple countries it is our goal to foster our apprenticeship program.  Training local Water Operators, Waste technologists and contribute to supporting job growth in every community we find ourselves in. 

Our commitment to sharing resources and supporting scientists connected through local trade schools and universities we offer access to our facilities to foster the advancement of waste recycling methods and carbon capturing systems.  We partner with like minded organizations who are working to achieve local sustainability and are requiring support in potable water/waste water and waste to energy alternatives to their current systems.

Blue Planet’s company mission was built around the founders commitment to social responsibility.  To ensuring future generations are left with solutions and not just problems.   To implement infrastructure now that will meet or exceed the standards our country has agreed to meet by accord by 2030 and to be an international leader in  providing clean water and clean energy solutions to as many communities around the world as possible before then